Samsung HL-R6768W 56” Rear Projection HDTV

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The Samsung HL-R6768W is a rear projection TV using DLP technology. The set packs enough features and performance to give the other manufacturers a run for their money. It offers a full native resolution of 1920 X 1080 at 1080p. The outward appearance of the set though was quite conservative. The set has a table top design with the internal speakers being fitted in the cavities at the bottom of the screen. The positioning of the speakers has allowed the manufacturers to shave off a few inches from the width of the set. Apart from the silver strip at the bottom of the screen the rest of the cabinet is matte black.

The power button is located in the centre at the bottom of the screen. The rest of the function keys like the channel or volume buttons are fitted to the right side of the cabinet which gives the set a distinctive look. The overall dimensions of the set are 62 X 45 X 20 inches (W X H X D) and weighs 109 pounds which is extremely light for such a large TV. The DLP chip has 960 X 1080 numbers of pixels which is doubled using the wobulation or smooth picture technology.

The Samsung HL-R6768W is Cable ready with the provision of a CableCard slot which eliminates the need for external set top boxes. Overall the set gives a solid performance with accurate black levels, high contrast ratios and rich and natural colors.

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