Change the 3M MP7640 projector lamp

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3M_MP7640-projector_78-6969-9205-2_projector_lampOur step-by-step guide will help you change the 3M MP7640 projector lamp.

End of life signals

When the 3M MP7640 projector lamp is approaching end of life the LAMP INDICATOR on the projector lights up red and the “CHANGE THE LAMP” message appears on the screen.

To find out projector lamp life:

Press the TIMER button on the remote control for three seconds. The number of hours left until shutdown will decrease until 0 hour is reached, then power will turn off automatically. The operating time of the projector lamp is displayed at the bottom of the screen with the following messages:

  • CHANGE THE LAMP, AFTER REPLACING LAMP RESET THE LAMP TIMER: Appears when the lamp has reached the usual end of life.
  • POWER WILL TURN OFF AFTER 20 HOURS: Appears when 20 hours or less remain in the lamp life.

When you need to replace the projector lamp, the projector will run for only 10-minute intervals until the lamp is replaced and the lamp timer is reset. The message “CHANGE THE LAMP” will also continue to blink at projector start-up.

Go authentic

Your 3M MP7640 projector uses the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 lamp. Be sure the purchase an authentic projector lamp and avoid the temptation of  generic projector lamps with their seemingly great bargain prices. There are several problems associated with generics that you want to avoid:

Save yourself hassle and go an authentic 3M 78-6969-9205-2 lamp.

Replacing the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 lamp

Before replacing the projector lamp:

  • Wait until the projector is cool to the touch before removing the projector lamp. These projector work at a high temperatures and you can get badly burned.
  • Be sure to unplug the projector before replacing the lamp.


  • Remove the lamp access door located on the bottom of the projector by loosening the retaining screw.
  • Note: The screw in the lamp access door is self-contained and can’t be removed.


  • Loosen the screw holding the lamp module in place. This screw is self-contained and that can’t be removed from the lamp module.

NOTE: The 3M 78-6969-9205-2 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used projector lamps!

  • Carefully slide the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 projector lamp module out by pulling straight up on the retaining wire on top of the module.
  • Carefully insert the new 3M 78-6969-9205-2 projector lamp into the projector by sliding it straight down into the opening. Ensure that it’s securely in the projector and fully seated.
  • Tighten the lamp module retaining screw to secure the lamp module in place.
  • Insert the hinge tabs on the bottom of the lamp access door, close, and tighten the retaining screw to secure the door.

You are now ready to reset the lamp operation hour.

Reset the projector lamp timing

The 3M MP7640 projector tracks the lamp life and when the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 lamp is changed the lamp operation hours must be reset. After replacing the lamp, you have 10 minutes to reset the lamp operation hours after switching on the power. After 10 minutes the projector will shut down and continue to shut down until the lamp operations has been reset.
To reset:

  • To display the total lamp hours, press the RESET button on the projector or the Timer button on the remote control and hold for three seconds. Lamp hours will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the RESET button on the projector or MENU button on the remote while the amp hours are displayed. The lamp hour reset message will display.
  • Use the left-arrow button on the remote control or the Menu diskpad of the projector to select 0, and wait until the timer display has cleared.

Extend the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 projector lamp life

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Turn off the projector and let it rest for at least two hours a day.
  • Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s mounted on the ceiling.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

An environmentally-friendly option

If you would like to save some money try replacing only the 3M 78-6969-9205-2 bare lamp rather than the entire lamp unit. You recycle the plastic cage and reduce waste. Watch our 3M 78-6969-9205-2 bulb replacement video to learn how.

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