Panasonic PT-50LC14 50-inch LCD TV

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The Panasonic PT-50LC14 is a high definition TV set which uses the LCD technology. The size of the screen is 50 inch when measured diagonally which puts it in the middle level segment. The set can be paired with a silver stand which is optional. The stand is equipped with an oval shelf to store the components and complements the set very well. The dimensions of the set are almost 56 inches in width, 35 ½ inches in height and the depth is 15.3 inches which makes the installation very easy. The weight of the set just tips the 83 pound mark.

The performance of the set, as regards to the picture quality was simply outstanding. The images were displayed with very high clarity and brightness. The wide viewing angle of this LCD TV makes it viewable from almost anywhere in front of the screen. The full native resolution of the set is 1280 by 720 which is sufficient to show all the details at 720p. Other input sources having different resolutions are scaled to fit the available pixel area. The picture is further enhanced using the progressive scan doubling.

Excellent sound quality is produced using a couple of inbuilt speakers which deliver a total output of 30 watts (15 X 2). A PC card slot is also provided which makes it easy to view videos or images directly from digital cameras. Although the performance of the Panasonic PT-50LC14 is extremely good it is slightly high priced when compared to other sets of similar size. is among the nation’s largest plasma and LCD TVs replacement parts providers. If you need replacement PCBs, remotes, outer cases, stands, or anything else related to Plasma and LCD TVs, visit

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