Panasonic TY-LA1000 Lamp Replacement How-To Instructions Guide

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Panasonic TY-LA1000 Lamp EnclosureUse this guide to replace the Panasonic TY-LA1000

The instructions are intuitive and easy to follow. If you have any problems downloading the file and/or replacing your lamp, ask your questions on our forum or post a comment on this article!

The importance of authentic

Find the best price for the Panasonic TY-LA1000 Lamp Enclosure. It’s important that you install an OEM lamp and avoid a generic, compatible lamp.

Knock-off, compatible generic lamps may seem like a bargain in the beginning. They actually cost more in the long run since they can damage the color wheel and ballast mechanisms in your RPTV. They also give off poor light, are prone to messy explosions and actually have a shorter life.
We recommend purchasing from an Authorized Philips dealer such as to insure that you are receiving a genuine Philips brand replacement lamp. Beware of knock-off and counterfeit Philips lamps floating around in the market.
There are also health concerns associated with these lamps. Generic lamps are made with toxic substances that can compromise your family’s health. Read more about the dangers of Krypton-85.
When you purchase an OEM replacement lamps you’re guaranteed the best lamp for your RPTV.

Shop for this lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized distributors:

Step-by-step instructions

Click here for a visual guide on replacing the Panasonic DLP Lamp TY-LA1000 How-To Replacement Guide.

Click here for the the TY-LA1000 lamp replacement guide from Panasonic.
Panasonic TY-LA1000 TV Lamp Reset Procedure/instructions:
Per numerous members, it looks like this method works quite well:

  • Hold the Vol down button on the TV and the Split button on the REMOTE for five seconds, -or- Press the Volume button on the TV while pressing hte SPLIT button on the Remote Control for five seconds
  • It will NOT work if you try to do it both from your remote

Compatible Panasonics

This guide is compatible with the following Panasonic TVs:
PT43LC14, PT-43LC14, PT43LCX64, PT-43LCX64, PT44LCX65, PT-44LCX65, PT50LC13, PT-50LC13, PT50LC14, PT-50LC14, PT50LCX63, PT-50LCX63, PT50LCX64, PT-50LCX64, PT52LCX15, PT-52LCX15, PT52LCX15B, PT-52LCX15B, PT52LCX35, PT-52LCX35, PT52LCX65, PT-52LCX65,PT60LC13, PT-60LC13, PT60LC14, PT-60LC14, PT60LCX63, PT-60LCX63, PT60LCX64, PT-60LCX64, PT61LCX35, PT-61LCX35, PT61LCX65,
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Be cautious of replacement “lamps” or “bulbs” for the TY-LA1000 sold without the enclosure housing. Typically, buying the lamp-only is okay, as long as the customer is purchasing an original lamp. Always stay away from off-brand bulbs manufactured by OSRAM, LTI, APO, or another third-party provider for your Panasonic TY-LA1000. When purchasing just the lamp itself (even an original), it can be a hassle unless you’re fairly good with a technician’s soldering iron.
Your original enclosure has the lamp cable connectors soldered from it’s terminals to the connector plug. When purchasing just the lamp alone, you will have to cut this connector and soldering it on your new lamp. Sounds confusing or difficult? It is… and until we make a kit for it, I don’t suggest anyone purchase the bare bulb only!
Now you can rest at ease with the purchase of the lamp kit or the complete enclosure. We still recommend the complete unit since you won’t have to worry about finding an extra long screw driver or messing with the elaborate cage for this TV. For the best price on the Pansonic TY-LA1000 (complete housing unit), click here.

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