Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps

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If you haven’t heard, Toshiba is being forced to give out refunds through a class-action settlement that claims Toshiba knowingly misrepresented the life of their proprietary, direct current, DLP lamps, which we all know to be extremely short compared with their Philips Lighting counterparts, whom use alternating current in their UHP brand lamps.
Wired staff writer Jose Fermoso writes:

“The class-action lawsuit, Ersler v. Toshiba of America Inc., had a claim that Toshiba ‘knowingly misrepresented the life span of the bulbs in the lamps contained in the lamp assembly component of its 2004 and 2005 DLP television models.’ If true, this would mean the sale of the TVs had brought about a ‘breach of express and implied warranties,’ and a violation of the State’s consumer Fraud Act.”

If you own one of the TVs and know have the right to the claim, you can go to the site created for the settlement at, or you can call the toll-free 1-800-894-1766.
Customers with DLP televisions using generic lamps have all complained that the cost of lamps has been high and the life of the bulbs is all too short. Buying the right brand DLP TV or other rear projection television lamp will be the most cost efficient, which is why we’ve always recommended Philips brand lamps – the inventor of UHP lighting technology.
Via Wired Magazine

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