Avoid Black Friday pressure and check out Cyber Monday

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cybermonday-BlackfridayBlack Friday is not the only day for great deals. There are other options.

Too much turkey leaving you unmotivated for Black Friday madness?  No worries. There are still some great deals out there, if you know when and where to look.

Online deals continue

It’s become a tradition for retailers roll over the bargains into the weekend for Small Business Saturday into Cyber Monday. Many retailers are starting the Black Friday sales at the beginning of the week. So there is time to shop around and not feel pressured to buy immediately. Try the local stores that offer special sales throughout the weekend You may be able to find an even better bargain. The big retailers know that to stay competitive they have to offer the same deals. Be an online deal-hunter.

Cyber Monday is the day for certain items

For many items, you’ll see deeper discounts on Cyber Mondays. According to Adobe data, electronics are 18% discounted on Cyber Monday without the same out-of-stock problems that occur on Black Friday. Same for clothing. Many online apparel stores do bigger discounts on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. Sometimes they have loss leaders of up to 45% off. Toys are also discounted on this day but there may be a problem with stock running low.

Big Electronics aren’t on sale

Those big tickets items aren’t going to be on sale on Black Friday so the HDTV or new high-res camera is not going to there for you to buy. Be patient. There will be a better deal on the big ticket item. Lurk on your favorite website on Cyber Monday and you just may get a deal. Black Friday is not the day to be shopping with the other hoards looking for smaller electronics. A lot of “door-buster” electronic sales aren’t that great and are inferior products and often that one great deal is there to lure you into buying more stuff. Save your money, do your research and hold out for the sale on that big ticket item.

Get better returns on another day

Black Friday purchases often come with a different return policy or you may be charged a restocking fee. Sometimes when you pay cash can delay the return. It’s hard to think straight when you are rushed to purchase so if you do buy something on Black Friday use your credit card to make returns easier and check if your card has sale price protection. This is a service that gets you a refund if the item you bought suddenly gets further discounted within a few days of your purchase.

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