Top 10 Tips for projector care

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  • Shelagh M.
  • 12 years ago

Extend the life of your projector and projector lamp with these tips.

Your projector represents a major investment so want to keep it working for you follow these easy steps:

  1. Let it cool. Don’t shut down your projector too fast but let the fans run for at least two minutes. These machines operate under high temperatures and the fans are designed cool down any super hot elements. Shutting down too quickly your projector’s components.
  2. Chill out. Packing up your projector while it’s still hot may cause lamp filaments and other wires to break. Let the lamp cool down before packing up.
  3. Keep it clean. Your projector’s filters allow airflow throughout the projector and prevent overheating. Clogged air filters means decreased ventilation, which means increased temperatures, which means a possible lamp meltdown or explosion. Dust and dirt also affect the image quality. Check your air filters every few weeks and keep them clear.
  4. Keep it flowing. If your projector has a permanent mounting, make sure the mounting plates don’t block the fan vent and there is enough airflow around the projector to keep it from overheating.
  5. Watch the on/off switch. Don’t be trigger-happy. Turning your projector constantly on and off creates a power surge that will make your projector wear out faster. If you do leave your projector running, make sure that it gets a two-hour rest every 24 hours.
  6. Hands off. Never, ever touch a hot lamp. You can end up with one nasty burn. Never touch a cool lamp bulb either since the oil from your skin leaves a residue on the lamp. Once the lamp heats up the oil residue will burn, creating a black spot on the lamp that shows up on the screen. A large enough oil spot can cause the lamp to shatter.
  7. Watch the lamp life. Be sure the lamp timer has been properly set so the projector will accurately track the lamp life and give you a status update in time for you to replace the projector lamp. You don’t want to be caught off guard with a projector suddenly shutting down because the lamp has run out of time.
  8. Buy genuine OEM lamps. Don’t be cheap. We all like to save money but those counterfeit lamps don’t last very long and can end up damaging your projector. If you have an older model projector that is no longer manufactured, you may need to go with a generic lamp. But both OEM and generic lamps should be manufactured by a recognized company, Read to learn more.
  9. Go green. Try using the power saver or econo mode on your projector. The only time you’ll really need full brightness is when you are presenting outdoors. Indoor settings, particularly if the room is darker will be fine with the econo mode. You’ll reduce the heat used, lengthen the life of your lamp, reduce wear and tear on the projector and helping the environment. Read Dirty Little Secrets About Projector Lamps for more information.
  10. Read the manual. Ok—so it’s not the most exciting read but at least glance through the manual so you have a working knowledge of your projector. For quick, easy instructions on replacing your lamp projector, check out this website.


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