Which projectors use the Canon LV-LP17 Projector Lamp?

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Canon_LV-LP17_9015A001_projector_lampIs your projector compatible with the Canon LV-LP17 projector lamp? Scroll down to see if your projector is listed.

Before purchasing a Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp look for the seal of approval that lets you know you are buying from an authentic manufacturer.

Buy an authentic projector lamp

It’s always best to use an authentic Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp. Generics can damage your Optoma projector.
6 reasons to buy authentic and avoid generics

Protect yourself from buying counterfeit lamps.

Compatible projectors with the Canon LV-LP17 projector lamp

The Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp is compatible with the following Cannon projectors:

For step-by-step instructions on replacing your Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp, click on your projector listed below:
Canon_LV-7555U_projector_Canon LV-LP1_ 9015A001_projector_lamp

  • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp for the Canon LV-7555E projector.

  • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the Canon LV-LP917 projector lamp for the Canon LV-7555FU projector.

    Tips for longer projector lamp life:

    • Avoid frequent on and offs to avoid power surges.
    • Don’t let the projector overheat as this puts stress on the lamp. Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s been permanently mounted.
    • Let the projector stand unused for at least one hour ever 24 hours. An average use of four to five hours per day will ensure longer lamp life.
    • Keep the air filters clean and free of dust so it can do its job and keep the projector lamp for overheating.
    • Using “Eco mode” or “Lamp Economy Mode” reduces lamp brightness by 20% while extending the lamp life by 50%.
    • Learn more with Top tips for extending projector lamp life.

Replace just the bulb
If you would like to save some money try replacing only the Canon LV-LP17 bare lamp rather than the entire lamp unit. You recycle the plastic cage and reduce waste. Watch our Canon LV-LP17 replacement video to learn how.

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