Changing the ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector lamp

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ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector, ASK Proxima LAMP-016

ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector

Follow our 3-step guide to a new ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector lamp!

STEP ONE: Finding the correct lamp

When the ASK Proxima LAMP-016 is reaching end of life the Lamp Replacement Indicator on the front panel will light up orange. Replace the lamp immediately to prevent any malfunctions in your ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector.
Avoid knock-off “compatible” lamps as these lamps have been created with inferior materials and are prone to explosions. Be sure to buy your replacement ASK Proxima LAMP-016 from an authentic source to protect both your ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector but also your health. Copy-cat manufacturers are using carcinogenic substances in order to achieve the same effects as OEM manufacturers.  Read more about the dangers of knock-off lamps.
Buying from an authentic source guarantees you a lamp created with the proper materials by manufacturers who take pride in their products. Should you have any problems with the lamp, you’re also guaranteed a refund as well as technical support.

STEP TWO: Replacing the ASK Proxima LAMP-016lamp

ASK Proxima DP-9260, ASK Proxima LAMP-016

  • Disconnect the power cord.  The ASK Proxima DP-9260 operates under high heat so allow it to cool for at least one hour before replacing the lamp. Your run the risk of a severe burn replacing the lamp while the projector is still hot.
  • The lamp lid for the ASK Proxima DP-9260 is found on the bottom of the projector. Turn the projector on its side and remove the screw holding the lamp lid in place.
  • Unscrew the two screws holding the ASK Proxima LAMP-016 lamp holder in place.
  • Gently grab the lamp holder and pull out the ASK Proxima LAMP-016. Use your local recycling program to dispose of the used ASK Proxima LAMP-016.ASK Proxima DP-9260, ASK Proxima LAMP-016


  • Don’t throw the used ASK Proxima LAMP-016 lamp into regular garbage as it contains mercury. The lamp should be properly recycled.

  • Inset the new ASK Proxima LAMP-016 lamp all the way into the ASK Proxima DP-9260 projector.
  • Tighten the two screws that hold the LAMP-016 lamp in place.
  • Replace the lamp lid and tighten the screw holding the lamp lid in place.


STEP THREE: Resetting the lamp timer

In order for the ASK Proxima DP-9260 to correctly track the lamp life of your newly installed ASK Proxima LAMP-016 lamp, you’ll need to reset the timer.
ASK Proxima DP-9260 lamp reset, ASK Proxima LAMP-016

  • Press the MENU button to display the MAIN MENU option.
  • Scroll across the top menu to the SETTING menu. Another pull down menu will appear.
  • Press the POINT DOWN arrow.
  • Move down to select the LAMP AGE open. Press SELECT.

ASK Proxima DP-9260, ASK Proxima LAMP-016

  • A second confirmation message “Lamp replace monitor Reset?” will be displayed.
  • Select YES. A second dialogue message appear OK?
  • Move the arrow to the YES.
  • Press the SELECT button.

The lamp replace monitor has now been reset.

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