How to replace the ASK Proxima DP-9240 projector lamp

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ASK Proxima DP-9240 projector, ASK Proxima LAMP-016

ASK Proxima DP-9240 projector

Follow this guide to replace the projector lamp in your ASK Proxima DP-9240

Your ASK Proxima DP-9240 projector lamp should have between 1500 to 2,000 hours of lamp life depending on the amount of usage and maintenance. When will you know when it’s time to replace the ASK Proxima LAMP-016 (POA-LMP24 Service Parts No. 610 282 2755) projector lamp?
When the ASK Proxima LAMP-016 (POA-LMP24 Service Parts No. 610 282 2755) projector lamp is reaching end of life the Lamp Replacement Indicator on the front panel will light up orange.

Go with an authentic projector lamp

Avoid knock-off “compatible” lamps as these lamps have been created with inferior materials and are prone to explosions. Be sure to buy your replacement ASK Proxima LAMP-016 (POA-LMP24 Service Parts No. 610 282 2755) projector lamp from an authentic source.
Using a counterfeit generic lamp will void any warranty for your ASK Proxima DP-9240 projector. Many copy-cat manufacturers are also using toxic substances such as Krypton-85 in order to get the same results as the original lamps. A generic lamp will offer poor illumination and can damage the sensitive components in your projector.
Learn how to spot a counterfeit lamp so you can avoid purchasing them. Buy authentic. Protect your health and your projector

Installing the ASK Proxima LAMP-016 projector lamp


Resetting the lamp timer

In order for the ASK Proxima DP-9240 to correctly track the projector lamp life of your newly installed ASK Proxima LAMP-016 (POA-LMP24 Service Parts No. 610 282 2755) projector lamp, you’ll need to reset the timer.

  • Press the MENU button to display the MAIN MENU option.
  • Scroll across the top menu to the SETTING menu. Another pull down menu will appear.
  • Press the POINT DOWN arrow.
  • Move down to select the LAMP AGE open. Press SELECT. ASK Proxima DP-9240, ASK Proxima LAMP-016_projector_lamp


  • A second confirmation message “Lamp replace monitor Reset?” will be displayed.
  • Select YES. A second dialogue message appear OK?
  • Move the arrow to the YES.
  • Press the SELECT button.

The projector lamp replace monitor has now been reset.
Learn how to extend the projector lamp life.

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