The real cost of counterfeit lamps

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Are counterfeit lamps really a bargain? We do the math.

Replacing your projector lamp is one of the expenses associated with owning a projector or a RPTV. The low prices of counterfeits lamps are tempting. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Remember that “you get what you pay for” when you are online shopping for the lowest price. Projector lamps are not your ordinary light bulbs. The cost of creating this advanced technology is reflected in the price. If you come across a projector lamp that seems like an incredible bargain it’s probably counterfeit.

True costs

We need a cost analysis of the actual cost of counterfeit lamps and they turn out to be more expensive that original OEM lamps.
hidden costs
Copy-cat manufacturers can be clever at disguising their knock-off products including using original PHILIPS logos and parts numbers. So even if the lamp looks authentic if the price is too good to be true, then chances are it’s a counterfeit.

Authentic technology

projector lamps
On the surface counterfeit brands may appear to be the same but their technology is actually quite different from the OEM lamps manufactured by Philips Lighting.
DLP Projectors use high pressure to generate light and this pressure needs to be controlled inside the lamp.  Authentic projector lamps have been calibrated to the exact wattage in order to control the pressure.
Too high a pressure may result in the lamp exploding and damaging the inside of your projector. You may need to replace the color wheel or the AV board.
TV Lamps cost
If the damage is too bad, the projector may need to be replaced.
What is the real cost?

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