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DLP Saved My PresentationI am in love with my DLP Projector, in a way only a business professional on a deadline can understand. My DLP projector and it’s beautiful DLP lamp saved my presentation and my reputation as well. Let me share with you why I love it so much.
My deadline was looming and I was still making the final touches on what was to be a brilliant presentation. (My best yet.) My brand new tablet was certain to wow the audience. With a swish of my finger each slide would be ushered to front stage. The audience would then “ooh “and “ah” as I spoke.
In my mind it all connected perfectly. The tablet would share my amazing slides with the mounted HDTV, and a captivated audience. This is the beauty of new technology, right? In a moment that can make or break a businessman technology comes to the rescue.
48 hours until my deadline I had an awakening. I realized with a panic that my shiny new tablet would not download nor upload my slides. This was tragic. This presentation was important, I needed to be perfect. With two days left what could I do?
Aha! Just then a brilliant DLP bulb flashed above my head as I remembered my DLP projector and it’s great DLP lamp. Why didn’t I just use it in the first place? Aside from being in a tablet trance, the DLP lamp had long since burned out. Luckily, I found that this was an easy (and cost effective) component to replace. I ordered the correct after-market DLP lamp and replaced it just in the nick of time, thus saving me much embarrassment. (Feel free to read last week’s blog for more information on DLP bulbs)
I am the first in line to buy the latest technology, but my recent presentation conundrum reminded me that in business one needs technology he can count on. While tablets and other new technologies may be exciting, they haven’t had the years of practice DLP Projectors bring to the equation. These new technologies, like tablets aren’t yet capable or intuitive enough for the business professional to use for presentations.
In the business world, we all wish we had a little more time. When it comes to presentations, we count every moment. A presenter needn’t waste precious hours meddling with a device to support the software and service it was designed to harness. DLP Projectors are much more intuitive and reliable. Designed in 1987, they’ve had almost 25 years of intuition built into their systems. DLP projectors work for the business professional, rather than against him.
The tablet market is brand new. Although it’s cutting edge design is likely to leave the rest in the dust, it isn’t ready just yet. As Keir Thomas mentions in his PCWorld article,“There’s not yet a piece of software that relies on the unique utility of a tablet to provide business functionality that can’t be found elsewhere.” It’s not surprising then that, large percentage of tablets are being returned to the stores.
I look forward to the day I can use a sleek tablet to present, but until then I will continue to use my DLP projector. It was designed to be an effective presentation tool, and it succeeds splendidly at that task.

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