Samsung HLT5687S

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The Samsung HLT5687S is a 56” “floating screen” Widescreen DLP High Definition TV, which has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, because of which it is able to deliver a breathtaking full HD experience in 1080p. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and multiple video modes: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p_60. Like most other Samsung HDTVs, the HLT5687S runs on Samsung’s very own DNIe technology. It supports NTSA and ATSC colour systems.

The Samsung HLT5687S is one of the few Samsung HDTVs to have input connectors only at the back, and none at the side. It features a USB port, 2 sets of 3 RCA component HD input connectors, 3 HDMI input connectors, 2 sets of Co-Ax tuner cables, a PC RGP connector port, 2 sets of composite RCA connectors and 2 sets of 4-pin DIN S-video connectors.

It is one of the few HDTVs to feature an ultra thin piano black bezel (0.6”), and has a built in light sensor. It is also energy star compliant, has a 0.8W Standby Power consumption.

It needs an input voltage of 110v – 120v. It consumes 230 Watts of power.

The Samsung HLT5687S weighs approximately 69lbs and has dimensions 50.4″ x 34.9″ x 13.4″ excluding the speakers and the stand.

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