Sony KDL-46XBR4:

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The next generation in Sony television represents XBR4 series’ 46” Full HD 1080p, Motionflow 120HZ Bravia Engine, 10 bit display panel and processing capability. Deep color 1080/24 input cable. It also has Photo TV HD, changeable designer color bezels. HD 1080 television integrates all the Sony’s latest technologies.

It has number of features given bellow:

Full HD 1080: Full HD 1080 means 1920 x 1080 pixels and 1080p video inputs. You can get best resolution that high definition has to offer you.

10 bit processing display: This television is capable of creating millions of colors so you are able to view all the pictures in their original color with better resolution.

Motionflow 120Hz with full HD High frame rate capability: This technology distinguishes incoming video signal and applies the appropriate processing for optimum motion reproduction.

Full Digital Video processor: This is Sony’s highly developed video processing system. It gives you a legendary picture quality expertise with the latest generation of proprietary video.

True Cinema: Few studios are taking purest approach and encoding high definition video contents such as Blu-ray.

Theater Sync: Once you connect Theater sync it gives you a hassle free and timesaving, easy powering up, changing signal routing and adjusting other functions to simple push of one button.

Color technology: With newly approved international color standard call xvYCC the color space has been greatly expanded up to 1.8 times than the natural colors.

DMe Ready, Media bar interface and many other features are there in it.

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