Samsung HL-S6187W Widescreen DLP TV

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The Samsung HL-S6187W is a 61” widescreen television using DLP technology. The native resolution offered by the set is 1920 X 1080 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. The set is just 17.6” deep and tips the scale at 81.7 pounds which is commendable considering the size. It is also easier to fit the set in smaller spaces because of the less depth.


Samsung is the undisputed leader in DLP technology and it proves it again with this TV set. The vivid and vibrant yet natural colors of the Samsung HL-S6187W give the viewer an astounding visual experience. The set gives a high contrast ratio of 10000:1and even has excellent black levels. The use of DLP technology also eliminates the hazards of screen door effect and image burn in to produce long lasting and reliable images.


As is Samsungs forte the DNIE technology succeeds in giving sharp and smooth pictures and videos. The Samsungs Cinema Smooth light engine helps give crisp pictures with high contrast and brightness. The DMD micro displays provide film like pictures without any visible pixel structure which gives a clear image having accurate shading. The 3:2 pull down menu is used to correct the artificial frames created while watching movies or videos.


The set has a USB connection which allows the user to attach a digital camera and view the data directly on the screen. This is a very useful utility and does come in handy. Priced at somewhere around $2500 I would say the Samsung HL-S6187W is really worth it.

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