LG Zenith RU-52SZ61D 52” HDTV

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LG which is one of the leading Korean CE manufacturers has now evolved from an inexpensive products maker to a high end innovator with the take over of Zenith. LG earlier stood for “Lucky Goldstar” but has now moved on to “Life’s Good” and it certainly seems to be the case with this progressive company. Using Zenith’s R&D expertise in the development of HDTV and digital television LG now offers a very competitive range of television display. The RU-52SZ61D is one of the sets of this range.

The RU-52SZ61D is a 52” widescreen HDTV using DLP technology. The set uses the HD2+ chipset technology which offers a high definition resolution at 1280 X 720 at 720p. The aspect ratio offered by the set is 16:9 which is useful for viewing widescreen movies and videos. The set uses a high density light source in the form of a light bulb which is user replaceable and normally will you for about a couple of years after which it will have to be replaced. The cost of the bulb is around $150-$250.

The screen of the RU-52SZ61D is fitted into a beautiful, black, thin bezel cabinet which makes it look very elegant. The set offers picture in picture feature which lets you follow a couple of channels at the same time. The twin speakers fitted into the cabinet provide fantastic audio quality at a total output of 30 watts (15 X 2) with surround sound capabilities.
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