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The LG guide to HDTV seeks to help inform and alert customers on what HDTV and digital television are all about. HDTV now finally hitting the Indian coast with full swing and giving an extent of perceptive about upcoming technologies.

Other than the usual CRT tube television, people are going beyond and looking for more than a mere “flat panel display” for their precious money.

Considering all your needs and demand LG is introducing you the new 42” ‘Time machine’ LCD television one of LG’s pioneering solution. It has a native WXGA resolution of 1366 x 768 Equivalent to 720p in simple terms format is up to 1080i. It has contrast ratio of 1600:1.

Why LG 42LC2RR is referred as “Time Machine”?

It has 80GB hard drive built into the TV unit that allows you to record TV shows so that you can play them back as per your ease. The most important thing is all the assembly required for record is inbuilt and no wires or external equipment is connected outside the TV. You just have to click button on Remote.

This 80GB hard drive allows you to record about 33 hours of normal quality and 20 hours of high quality video. It supports two component inputs, two S-video inputs, and composite, HDMI, VGA and an RF in, which kind of, covers up everything. Other than this it consists of many features such as picture in picture, descent sound output, and universal remote control.

Six distinct Processes contribute to picture improvement. LG’s XD engine takes the low resolution of analog signals to near HD-level, which improves its brightness, contrast detail, and same time enhances color.

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