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To purchase a replacement lamp for this TV, click here The RCA HDLP50W151 has a screen size of 50” diagonal and uses DLP technology. The native resolution of the screen is 1280 X 720 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. The aluminum cabinet of the set has been exquisitely designed unlike most of the box shaped TV sets of other manufacturers. The set has a silver base with an extremely thin black frame which makes it seem to be almost borderless.  

The depth of the set is just less than 16” (15.96” to be insanely accurate) which takes it into the category of one of the flattest DLP HDTV sets. Of course the mark is only going to get bettered with time. The RCA HDLP50W151 displays real quality when it comes to the light output. It delivers extremely high brightness without the blooming effect occurring in the white parts of the picture. This makes the set ideal for people who watch a lot of TV during the day or in especially bright settings.

With the high brightness it was expected that the RCA HDLP50W151 would have at least average black levels. But the black levels were really disappointing which made the gray scale detail suffer. Even when properly calibrated the poor black level also affected the contrast ratios. The problem of the set really lies with the colors as they are not just saturated enough. Of course some people do prefer under saturated sets to the over saturated ones of most of the competitors. To purchase a replacement lamp for this TV, click here 

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