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The Sony KDS-R60XBR1 is 60” (diagonally), beautifully designed and is very attractive without being too loud which is quite normal for Sony so to speak.

The contrast ratio of the Sony KDS-R60XBR1 at 13330:1 is simply astonishing. It is almost three times better than the immediately trailing set. Most of the credit for this though goes to the auto iris component which is called as advanced iris by Sony. Even with this component turned off, the set came up with a maximum contrast ratio of 3100:1 and a minimum of 5000:1, which is quite impressive. The black levels too are remarkable at 0.006 foot-lamberts which does give a sufficient explanation about the great contrast ratio.

The color of the Sony KDS-R60XBR1 though is a little disappointing. The colors aren’t accurate. Red and green are oversaturated. This makes everything more pleasing to look at and more inviting. This is perhaps the best way to make mistakes look beautiful. The sharpness or smoothness of the images though is unmatched.

The remote is really very hefty. The layout is typically that of Sony. It is easy to use which is perhaps because of the fact that it lacks most of the functions you would want the remote to have. Backlight is another feature that is missing which makes the remote very hard to use in dim light. There are many adjustments which can be made but this only makes the menus more complex and also more time consuming to navigate. There is also no function to check the lamp life that is left.

The set is costing around $5000 is quite rightly priced for the quality which is being offered.

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