Zenith L23W36 23" Widescreen Flat-Panel HD-Ready LCD TV

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The Zenith L23W36 is a 23” flat panel HDTV using LCD technology. The widescreen is enclosed in an elegantly designed silver/gray colored cabinet. The TV set is just 3” deep and weighs only 30 pounds which makes the installation very much easier. The set offers a native resolution of 1280 X 768 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. A stand is also provided with the set.

The set gives truly sharp and distortion free images. The set offers a contrast ratio of 400:1 which is relatively good. The brightness levels of the set too are good and have been measured at 450 cd/sq. m. A three line digital comb filter is used to improve the resolution by removing blurred edges in the images and remove dots or any other visual interference.

The set offers extremely wide viewing angles of 176 degrees both horizontally and vertically which is very much comparable to that of the cathode ray tube TV’s. This enables the viewer to get a clear picture from any angle in front of the TV which was not possible with earlier LCD’s. This innovative TV set lets you switch from a TV channel to PC viewing by pressing a single button. The picture in picture mode of the TV set lets you watch two channels at the same time. This way an image of another channel is displayed in the corner of the main picture.

The set uses a self replaceable lamp which is reported to have a life of around 50000 hours which is really going to last you for a period of about 5-8 years depending on your daily usage.

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