Replacing the Mitsubishi WD570U projector lamp

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Mitsubishi WD570U projectorGuide to installing a new Mitsubishi WD570U projector lamp

The best investment you can make is to invest in an authentic Mitsubishi WD570U projector lamp. Knock-off counterfeit lamps have a shorter lamp life and have been created with toxic substitutes and are prone to explosions that s often damage the sensitive electronics in your projectors. Invest in authentic.

Replacing the projector lamp

Your Mitsubishi WD570U uses the Mitsubishi VLT-XD560LP projector lamp model.  The recommended interval of lamp replacement is 6000 hours of consecutive use depending on the usage. At 4500 hours the lamp indicator will blink between green and red; the LAMP REPLACEMENT message will appear on the screen for one minute. When the lamp has been used for about 5700 hours the LAMP REPLACEMENTwill appear on the screen for one minute every 30 hours. If you notice a decrease in luminescence and or color brightness your projector lamp may be reaching end of life. When the projector lamp is about to finish the message “LAMP EXCHANGE” will start blinking on the screen. The indicator will brink between green and red until the lamp is changed.
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Changing the projector lamp

Before replacing the projector lamp, please follow these safety precautions.

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the Mitsubishi WD570U projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes. It should be cool to the touch.
Mitsubishi_WD570U_projector_lamp_VLT-XD560LP_cover-1Step A: Remove the cover of the screw fixing the lamp cover with a fingernail or head screwdriver.

Step B: Remove the screw holding the lamp cover in place.
Step C: Slide the lamp cover off the projector.

Step D: Loosen the two screws holding the Mitsubishi VLT-XD560LP lamp in place.
Step E & F: Using the lamp handles, pull out the lamp. Take care not to bang the lamp. _lamp_VLT-XD560LP_liner
If your projector is mounted on the ceiling you should use the specially designed lining to replace the lamp.
Step G: Fold the three portions of the replacement lamp attachment along the  folding line.

Step H: Fit the lamp replacement attachment to the edge of the lamp cover attachment. Using the tape provided. Once covered, gently lift out the old lamp unit.
Be sure to recycle the used Mitsubishi VLT-HC910LP as it contains mercury. Do NOT place it into regular garbage.
Mitsubishi_WD570U_projector_lamp_VLT-XD560LP_install_newStep E & F: Pull out the lamp unit in the bag by the handle. Remove the tape holding the attachment in place. Pull the lamp unit out of the projector slowly.

If it is pulled out quickly, the lamp may break,scattering glass fragments.
Insert the new Mitsubishi VLT-HC910L into the projector. Tighten the two screws holding it in place. Put the lamp cover back on and tighten the cover screw.
You are now ready to reset the Mitsubishi WD570U projector lamp timer.

Resetting the Lamp Hour Timer

It’s important to only reset the lamp timer when the Mitsubishi WD570U lamp has been replaced. Resetting the projector lamp timer without changing the lamp can make it work beyond its recommended hours and cause harm to your projector.
To reset the lamp operation time

  • Plug in the power cord
  • Reset the lamp operation time by holding down the ARROW key and the POWER button on the control panel at the same time.
  • Make sure that the STATUS indicator blinks twice and the lamp operation time is reset successfully.
  • IMPORTANT: Unless these three buttons are pressed at the same time, the lamp operation time isn’t reset.

Extending the life of the projector lamp:


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