Replacing the ASK Impression A10 projector lamp

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ASK Proxima Impression A10, ASK Proxima LAMP-001

ASK Proxima Impression proector

When it’s time to replace the projector lamp for the ASK Impression A10 projector, the red indicator located beside the lens will light up. To find the lamp life left for the ASK LAMP-001 go to HELP, ABOUT on the Main Menu.

Installing the right lampASK Proxima LAMP-001

It’s crucial to install the proper type of ASK LAMP-001 lamp. Avoid buying generic knock-offs or lamps advertised as “compatible.” Go with an authentic ASK LAMP-001 OEM lamp sold by a dependable seller.  Using a counterfeit generic lamp may result in poor illumination as well as malfunction of the sensitive components in your projector.
Counterfeit lamps are prone to explosion and have been created using toxic substances such as Krypton-85. Installing a generic lamp will also void any warranty for your ASK Impression A10 projector. Learn the 7 Ways to spot a counterfeit lamp.

Replacing the ASK LAMP-001 lamp

Replace the ASK LAMP-001 immediately when the lamp replacement indicator blinks red.
ASK Proxima Impression A10 projector, ASK Proxima LAMP-001Allow the projector to cool down before replacing the ASK LAMP-001
Disconnect the power cord before opening the lamp lid, found on the bottom of the Impression A10 projector.
Unscrew the lamp lid on the ASK Impression A10. Once the lid has been opened, a safety switch will cut off the power supply to the lamp completely.
ASK Proxima Impression A10 lamp cage, ASK Proxima LAMP-001Unscrew the lamp holder.
Unfold the handles on the ASK LAMP-001 lamp.
Pull out the old lamp cage. Gently insert the new ASK LAMP-001 lamp all the way into the projector until it clicks into place.
Tighten the screw on the new ASK LAMP-001  lamp.
Fold the handle on the new ASK LAMP-001 lamp.
Place the lid back on and tighten the screw holding it in place.
You’re ready to reset the lamp timer.
NOTE: Clean the air filters regularly to keep the projector from overheating and prolong the lamp life.
Be sure to dispose of the used ASK LAMP-001 lamp through a local recycling program. Don’t throw this lamp into regular garbage as it contains mercury.

Resetting the lamp timer

You’ll need to reset the lamp timer in order to ensure the correct time is displayed.
ASK Proxima Impression A10 options, ASK Proxima LAMP-001To reset the lamp timer:
Go to OPTIONS on the main menu.
Scroll down to choose SERVICE. Press ENTER.
Scroll down to select LAMP TIMER RESET. Press ENTER.

Go green and safe some money



Looking for an even less expensive only try replacing the bare ASK LAMP-001 bulb instead of the entire lamp housing.

Watch our step-by-step video on replacing only

Alternate numbers

ASK LAMP-001 is also sold under the following parts:

  • 403318
  • LAMP001
  • PR-LAMP-001
  • PR-LAMP001
  • PRLAMP-001
  • PRLAMP001


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