Tips to make your projector lamp last longer

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A few simple maintenance tips can make your projector lamp last longer.

Learn how to create a simple maintenance routine that will keep your projector working at its best while prolonging projector lamp life. Here are some top tips to get you started.


Filter Cleaning

Your projector creates heat, especially from the projector lamp  Every projector is cooled by fans that pull air inside. This air must pass through a filter that stops dirt and dust from getting inside the projector.  When the filter gets clogged the projector can’t cool properly so overheats. When a projector runs too hot it puts stress on the circuitry and makes the lamp overheat so it wears out faster. Sometimes the lamp can explode from getting too hot. Cleaning your filter regularly is the simplest way to extend the life of your projector lamp. Follow your instruction manual to learn how to change the filter in your particular model.

 Check airflow

Mounting your projector on the ceiling is a great way to save space and create a cinema-like experience. You’ll want to make sure there is enough airflow around your projector so it doesn’t overheat. If the filters can’t get enough air intake, your projector will overheat and your projector lamp won’t last as long.


projector cooling

Let it cool

Sudden changes in temperatures are not good for your projector lamp. Let the fans run for at least two minutes before switching it off. Suddenly turning off the projector puts the projector under too much pressure.

Don’t be trigger happy

Turning your projector constantly on and off creates a power surge that will make your projector wear out faster. It puts unnecessary stress on the projector lamp as well since it’s heating and cooling constantly. If you plan to use the projector throughout the day, let it go into sleep mode. A good rule to follow is for every 24 hours of use give it a 2-hour rest period.


Go Green

More and more projectors are coming equipped with a power saver mode sometimes called Eco Mode. It lowers the amount of light used and extends the life of your projector lamp. Running in Eco Mode is perfect for viewing in a dark room since you don’t need as much light. Without having to use maximum brightness, the life of the projector lamp is extended sometimes upwards of an extra 1,000 hours or more. Eco Mode also gets your projector to run quieter.

projector lamp timerWatch the lamp life

Every projector has a built in timer to track lamp life. Most projectors will give you a status update when it’s time to replace the projector lamp. Be sure to pay attention to these warnings. Never reset the lamp time without changing the projector lamp as this can make the lamp work beyond it’s ended use and possible explode. Change the lamp immediately when your projector prompts you. Projector lamps tend to gradually get dimmer as they approach end of life so watch for that sign as well.

Hands off

Never touch a hot lamp or you can end up with one nasty burn. Never touch a cool lamp bulb either since the oil from your skin leaves a residue on the glass. Once the lamp heats up the oil residue will burn, creating a black spot on the lamp that shows up on the screen. A large enough oil spot can cause the lamp to shatter.

Invest in the right lamp

When it’s time to change your lamp be sure to buy from a recognized OEM manufacturer. These dealers will offer you a variety of safe options for projector lamps to suit your budgets and needs as well as a guarantee.

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