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Samsung introduces you with its new television product HLS61686W, a widescreen DLP television which brings you an ultimate HDTV occurrence in truly 1280 x 720p resolution. You will definitely enjoy it like live experience. Besides that it has razor sharp picture in dazzling color, contrast and resolution. This is only due to ultra swift DLP and luminous color technology. Width is 55.3”, height is about 38.6” and depth is about 17.6”. DLP chips are manufactured by Texas instruments. It has contrast ratio of about 2500:1 captures blacker black, crisper white images that rupturing into life. HLS61686W is the perfect piece for sports, special effect scenes, gaming just because it’s unparalleled speed of DLP chip, with millions of tiny mirrors that turns on and off over 15000 times per second, gives a exact, razor sharp picture.

Other key features:

1. Slim bezel

2. In-built analog/digital tuner

3. No burn in

4. digital format converter of 1280 x 720

5. 3:2 pull down

6. slide show viewer

7. double HDMI inputs

8. game mode

9. no screen door effect

Samsungs HLS61686W has a digital natural image engine that makes the image sharpest and clearest as possible despite of any kind of input signal it is receiving. The faster color wheel which spins at 14,400 rpm to give a fast5 motion video, has five color segments for more accurateness. Cinema mode allow you to see the colors that director projected, besides that too you can get the color you want to see on screen, so self expression makes the display flawless.

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