Samsung HL-P5085W 50" Widescreen HD-Ready DLP Television

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The Samsung HL-P5085W is a 50” widescreen, high definition TV set using DLP technology. The depth of the set is 20.5” and tips the scales at about 125.4 pounds. The native resolution of the set is 1280 X 720 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The use of DLP technology eliminates the hazards of screen door effect or image burn in which are prevalent in other technologies. With the stunning cabinet the Samsung HL-P5085W is a sight to behold. The cabinet is fitted with touch sensitive light up controls.


The colors produced by the set are deep and natural. The brightness and black levels are amazing and contrast ratio of the set has been measured at 2500:1 which is quite creditable. The split screen mode allows the user to view a couple of programs at the same time and will appeal to those interested in following the happenings on two channels at the same time. The speakers fitted in the cabinet provide excellent sound quality with an output of 15 watts each.


The remote does not feature any design change and looks old but simple. The menu systems were easier to navigate. The set uses a user replaceable lamp which has been rated by Samsung to last for about 5000 to 8000 hours which should last you for about a couple of years depending on your daily usage. The lamp will cost somewhere around $250.

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