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The JVC HD-61FN97 is a 61” rear projection high definition TV set using D-ILA technology. The set can provide a resolution of 1920 X 1080 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. As such these devices are capable of producing around 3000 lines of resolution and images which have resolutions on the higher sides of 2000 X 1340 pixels.

The use of D-ILA technology also enables the set to offer contrast ratios of around 10000:1 using the various feature built in the set. It also offers brightness levels upto 12000 lumens which really is a high number. As the set is really very bright the viewer is not required to dim the lights in the room as is the case in most other TV’s like the front projection sets. The set is ideal as a high end home theatre system. The higher resolution makes it a good option even for critical viewing venues such as museums, studios, screening rooms etc.

The D-ILA technology uses a three chip design which gives a different chip for red, green and blue colors. This three chip design is mounted on a small 0.9” CMOS chip. The set offers smooth images from any sources as the input image is accurately reproduced. The remote of the TV set is very well designed and simple to use but lacks backlighting. The cost of the set might be slightly higher than the sets of the same size using different technology but the quality of the JVC HD-61FN97 more than makes up for it.

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