JVC PK-CL120U – The NEW JVC D-ILA TV Lamp for 2008…dissected first on FixYourDLP.com!

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We’ve got our hands on the lamp that sits in the latest line of JVC TVs for 2008…as we predicted, JVC has changed lamp manufactures. Philips and Philips Lighting has won the contract and for good reason!
Below are a few snapshots…as more information becomes available we will update this page.
Let us know if you have any information on compatibility, etc.
JVC lamp enclosure pictures- exclusive!
The new JVC replacement lamp, PK-CL120U, is currently compatible with all the latest 2008 model TVs, including the ultra slim:
HD-65S998 (65″ HDILA D-ILA TV) Here’s the user manual for your conveience and reference
HD-58S998 (58″ HDILEA D-ILA TV) Here’s the user manual for your conveience and reference

(Please note, the HD-70GC78, although a current generation model, it still uses the older TS-CL110UAA lamp and is not covered in this review)
These new 2008 models, first displayed at the Internation Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2008) are 40% thinner than the average rear projection TV, and actually 43% thinner than JVC’s own previous generation models which featured the TS-CL110UAA lamp. These new TVs are under 12″ (actually 10.7″ and 11.6″ respectfully) and can be wall mounted thanks to the standard VESA mounting, as well as the attractive and sleek from bezel.
JVC Lamp for 2008 model JVC D-ILA TVs
The new PK-CL120U user replacement lamp in these JVCs are made by Philips..
Rear view of the 2008 JVC TV Enclosure
The new Ultra Slim TVs are 1080P HD-ILA with a new 2 Million Pixel Structure 0.7″ 3-Chip design. this is the 5th Generation D.I.S.T. with GENESSA and all feature Energy Star compliant circuitry.
Front view of the new JVC lamp enclosure
Additional Features:
No hassle HD with built-in ATSC tuner and Clear QAM
User replaceable lamp (PK-CL120U)
Dual HDMI w/HDCP Digital Video Inputs
The new JVC Enclosures borrow design features from the TS-CL110UAA
As you can see below, the new lamp is manufactured by Philips Lighting…this is a big positive move on the part of JVC to insure more reliable sets! No longer should JVC fans be discouraged by unreliable UHP lighting!
Here's the new lamp JVC PK-CL120U
Philips 100W / 120W 1.0 lamp…
The JVC PK-CL120U Lamp Enclosure cracked up...
Note this UHP Philips lamp does not have a front glass and resembles more like a typical projector bulb with is small size.
The PK-CL120U features a new Philips lamp
This makes the lamp extremely sensative! If the filament is touched, that could be the end of your bulb…be careful!
The Philips lamp removed from the JVC PK-CL120U Enclosure
Another view of the new Philips JVC Lamp
the front plastic clip of the JVC PK-CL120U replacement lamp
As you can see, the front cover extends out a bit and give the lamp a little bit of breathing room. The previous generation TVs using the TS-CL110UAA lamp featured a sealed UHP lamp. The new design should allow for better heat dissipation and longer life.
There it is...the JVC lamped marked by Philips :)
the bulb enclosure has a more aggressive look to it too..hehe..
The PK-CL120U replacement lamp enclosure, back in one piece!
Here's another side view of the JVC PK-CL120U replacement lamp enclosure!
Not the best picture, but you can see there is a slight gap or spacer in the front...since the lamp does not have the traditional filament cover in front of it, extra care must be take if the lamp is ever removed.
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