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The JVC HD-P61R1U is a 61” widescreen TV using JVC’s D-ILA technology. The set offers a full native resolution of 1920 X 1080. The D65 accurate color balance calibration makes the set ideal for home theatre, various studios and screening rooms. The slim and compact design makes it require less space and also makes installation easier. The JVC D-ILA technology uses 3 D-ILA chips which gives unmatched color reproduction to give a film like performance.


The high resolution given by the JVC HD-P61R1U is the highest available resolution today. This makes a fantastic option not only as a high end TV set but also for critical viewing venues. The pixels are extremely close to each other and even from a few feet away from the screen the pixels are not visible. This helps the set to produce high quality images which have very high brightness and contrast. The D-ILA technology also gives longer device life and optimal performance. The D65 color temperature standard enables the set to produce rich and deep colors which look tremendously natural.


The optical noise is very less in the JVC HD-P61R1U. The dots and other interferences if any can be further removed using the Digital Comb Filter feature. For excellent sound output Stereo Speakers have been built into the cabinet to provide a total power output of 20 Watts. The set comes equipped with a cable card slot which makes it easy to install cable TV services without the need of any set top boxes.

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