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The JVC HD-70FH96 is 70 inch (diagonal) HDTV launched by JVC using D-ILA technology. The set provides a native resolution of 1920 X 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The depth of the set is barely 20 ½” which makes it handy in case you have space limitations. D-ILA uses a three chip LCOS technology which helps to produce a flicker and burn free picture. This technology stabilizes device performance and increases chip productivity. It avoids the rainbow effect of the DLP sets. The cabinet of the set is even thinner and the speaker area at the bottom has been made slimmer. 
The picture is extremely smooth on the JVC HD-70FH96. The colors are very rich and crisp. The contrast ratio of the set is simply amazing. The black levels though are a little disappointing. The performance of the set is further improved by the use of Digital Super Detail edge enhancement which gives crisper and more distinct edges. The 3:2 pull down menu can be used for viewing content originally shot for film. The set comes equipped with Cable Card slot which makes it unnecessary to buy and attach any other set top boxes. Digital noise clear circuitry is used to clear any visual disturbances appearing on the screen. 
Compared to the LCD technology the pixels are even closes to each other. The distance between the pixels cannot be noticed unless you are really close to the screen. This avoids the pixilation effect and provides a smooth and clear image. 
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