4K Ultra HD projectors

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Sony_4k_Ultra_short_projector4K Ultra HD is the newest technology that has everyone buzzing. What’s is it all about?

People have been talking about 4K Ultra HD since it stole the show at the Las Vega 2014 CES show. That’s a tough crowd to please.
While this technology is far from being mainstream, it is the future of watching entertainment and we are going to start seeing 4K projectors start hitting the market this year.

Super resolution

Why is everyone so excited about 4k Ultra HD? It’s simply the most amazing resolution out there. Your current 1080 DLP projector offers a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. HD has four times the resolution at 3,840 x 2,160. Well Ultra HD gives you cinema quality resolution at 4,096 x 2,160) and eventually to 8K (7,680x 4,320). All those extra pixels mean a picture with ultra definitions, colors that astonish, lifelike textures and more nuance details. The image is going to pop on screen.
While there are some 4K TVs on the market, the major manufacturers are just starting to get on board. Sharp, Toshiba, Sony and some of the smaller Chinese manufacturers have already released their latest models. As consumers jump on the bandwagon, you can expect the prices for 4k TVs to drop even further.


Perfect marriage

4k Ultra HD and projectors are the perfect combination.  You need a larger screen of 60 inches or more with a cinema-style set-up in order to gain the full benefits. Smaller screens or TV located more than 10 feet away will not benefit from this technology. You just won’t see anything.
The good news for those who already own a HDTV is you can stream the current 4K choices right now. Your HDMI cables can pass 4K so there is no need to upgrade your cables or anything else.

sony-4k-ultra-short-throw-projector-14K Projectors

Sony is leading the pack with 4K projectors. It unveiled its 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector and the results were amazing. It has an even smoother display with more saturated color and lifelike images than any other HD projector
Simply place this projector near a wall and an enormous 147-inch image appears. No installation is needed with this ultimate short throw projector. With the image projected onto the wall, no one can walk in front of the image and there’s no need to ceiling mount this projector. This means it takes up less room. Its 4K technology means there is no pixelation that is sometimes associated with HD viewing. The 1.6x power zoom makes the projector able to change to a size that suits your wall space. You can sit closer and enjoy a larger image.
Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Before you run out to purchase one be prepared for sticker shock. The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector starts at $30K. It does come loaded with 10 4K movies.

4K_ultraHD_home_theatersCurrent home theaters ready to go

The good news for those who already own a HDTV and have set up home theatres is that you can start stream the current 4K choices right now. Your HDMI cables can pass 4K so there is no need to upgrade your cables or anything else.

House_of_cards_4K_UltraHDNot enough content

The biggest challenge with 4K Ultra HD is with content. This technology is so new that there just hasn’t been enough shows or films produced in the new format. YouTube has some 4K videos but the largest supplier right now is Netflix. House of Cards, Season 2 premiered in 4K and you can get all five seasons of Breaking Bad in 4K. More shows are being added daily.
As the technology evolves, we will see more choices in 4K Ultra HD projectors and TVs. There is also going to be more to watch. Prices will start to drop and soon enough 4K will become the industry standard.

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