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The JVC HD-70G886 is a 70” HDTV using JVC’s D-ILA technology. The cabinet of the set is extremely thin and the set is just a little on the higher side of 20”. The cabinet, whatever there is, has been very well designed to make it curvy and attractive. The screen area is almost double that of a 50” display and almost triple that of a 42” display. The set is very bright which leads it to have a fairly high black level. The contrast ratio is also pretty good. When the rest of the image was really bright, the black seemed really high. This problem was not seen during darker scenes which looked fairly dark. 


The detail level is quite good. The detail control function can be used to reduce the spots and any other visible differences (if there are any). The smoothness of the images is quite significant. The colors of the JVC HD-70G886 are very realistic and rich. While the image quality of the set is good it is really loud. The fan of the TV can be heard during any silent part of the movie.


The remote is quite good and has most of the functions. Blue backlight is also another important utility provided. There is a glow in the dark button which can be used to turn the backlight on and off. The big drawback of the backlight is that it produces a whining sound whenever it is on.


The processing performance of the JVC HD-70G886 is a little disappointing it is not a deciding factor. The screen is deceptively large and if you want a large screen TV the JVC HD-70G886 is a very good option.

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