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The newly developed HD D-ILA devices help the JVC HD-P70R1U in giving the native resolution of 1920 x 1080. This is the highest available resolution today for home theatre applications. This makes the set appropriate for high-end home theater use but also for post-production screening rooms.
The design if the JVC HD-P70R1U is extremely slim and compact. The frame of the 70” set is very thin and it is just over 20” (20 ½” to be accurate) in depth. This makes the installation very easy and makes itself a few more points wherever space is a restriction. The visual engine of the set produces rich and natural colors. Noise reduction is also commendable. The picture runs very smoothly as the source media is accurately reproduced. A optical filter is also provided which maintains constant contrast in each color. Color gradations are natural and steady right from absolute black to absolute white.


There is virtually no space between the adjacent pixels in the display of the JVC HD-P70R1U thanks to JVC’s D-ILA technology. This helps in producing the picture having the highest brightness, contrast and resolution. The HD-P70R1U combines the uses a single high-power user-replaceable lamp. A unique inorganic alignment layer gives longer device life and maximum performance in all operating conditions.


The price as usual is quite high and plays a big part in making most people turn their heads to look the other way. The quality given by JVC though makes it a good buy for anyone who does not mind the high price.

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