Replace the Smartboard SB680i3 projector lamp

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Smartboard SB680i3 projector lamp

Learn how to replace the Smartboard SB680i3 projector lamp

After 2,000 hours of operation in standard mode or 3,000 hours in Eco mode, the Smartboard SB680i3 projector lamp will need to be replaced. If the projector turns off and goes into Standby mode then it’s time to replace the Smartboard SB680i3 projector lamp. Another sign that the lamp has reached end of life is when the image gets darker or starts to deteriorate.

Go with authentic

An authentic projector lamp makes all the difference in keeping your Smartboard SB680i3 projector working. If the price is too good to true, then you should avoid the lamp. Bargain basement prices mean problems down the road.

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6 reasons to avoid generic lamps:

Changing the Smartboard projector lamp

Your Smartboard SB680i3 projector uses the  SmartBoard 20-01032-20 projector lamp.
Important Safety tips BEFORE replacing the projector lamp:

  1. Wear protective eyewear while changing the lamp.
  2. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power cord and all connected cables.
  3. This projector operates under high temperature and there is a burn risk so be sure to wait at least one hour minutes for the projector’s housing to completely cool.

Use a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver to loosen the captive screw from the lamp cover on the right side of the projector head.
Remove the cover and put it aside.
Remove the lamp retention screw (circled inthe diagram).
NOTE: Do not remove any other screws.
Gently pull the lamp assembly out of the projector head.
Don’t touch any part of the replacement lamp assembly’s bulb with either
your fingers or tools. Fingerprints and other contamination can cause
premature bulb failure.
NOTE: The SmartBoard 20-01032-20 projector lamp contains mercury and should properly recycled and NEVER thrown into regular garbage



Take the new SmartBoard 20-01032-20 and push it onto the Smartboard SB680i3 projector head.
Make sure the lamp is pressed into the power connector all the way.

Replace the lamp retention screw and tighten.

Replace the lamp cover and screw.

You are now ready to reset the lamp timer.

Resetting the lamp timer

Your Smartboard SB680i3 projector has a built in lamp timer that tracks the life of the SmartBoard 20-01032-20 projector lamp. Whenever you change the lamp you need to reset the lamp timer back to zero.
Smartboard_SB680i3_projector_lamp_20-01032-20_reset timer

Press the Settings button on the on-screen menu.
Scroll down to select Advanced Settings.
You can also access it via the remote control INFO button.
Select the SETUP Menu (wrench icon).
Select the RESET LAMP HRS option.
Press Yes to confirm.
Lamp hours will be reset to zero.

Learn how to extend the life of your SmartBoard 20-01032-20 projector lamp with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

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