Changing the lamp in your Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector

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Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector, Sanyo POA-LMP35 service part no 6102932751

Your step-by-step guide to replacing the PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector lamp

When your Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) projector lamp for your Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37  is nearing its end of life you’ll see the Lamp Replace Indicator on flash yellow. The lifespan of your Sanyo POA-LMP35 (6102932751)  lamp will vary depending on how much the projector is used and if the air filters are cleaned regularly.

Before installation: Finding the correct lamp

Buy your Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) from an authorized manufacturer and avoid the lower-priced knock-off lamps. These counterfeit lamps are usually made with inferior parts that can damage your projector; they may end up costing you more if they damage the  sensitive mechanisms in your Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector. Buying from a legitimate source keeps your projector under warranty and gives you a solid guarantee.

Sanyo_Bulb_changeLooking for a less expensive option? Are you technically adept?

Watch our step-by-step video on replacing only the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) bulb instead of the entire lamp housing.


Replacing the Sanyo POA-LMP35 Lamp Assembly

Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 lamp cover, Sanyo POA-LMP35 service part no 610 293 2751

  • Allow the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector to thoroughly cool before changing the lamp. Turn off the projector, unplug the AC cord and allow 45 to 60 minutes for the projector to cool. These projectors operate under high heat and there is a possibility of being burned, if the projector is not fully cooled before changing the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (610-293-2751) lamp.
  • The lamp cover for the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 is at the bottom of the projector. Gently turn projector over and loosen the screw holding the cover in place. Place the cover to one side.
  • Inside you’ll find the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) lamp cage. Loosen all three screws holding the lamp cage in place. Grab the lamp handle and gently lift the lamp out of its socket. Place to one side. Be sure to dispose of the used lamp through a local recycling program. Don’t throw this lamp into regular garbage as it contains mercury. Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 lamp assembly, Sanyo POA-LMP35 service part no 610 293 2751
  • Taking the new Sanyo POA-LMP35 lamp assembly by the handle place it into the slot. Avoid touching the actual bulb as the oil from your fingers can burn a black spot on the lenses or you can accidentally break the bulb. Don’t force the lamp into place — it should slide into the slot easily.
  • Once the lamp is in, tighten all three screws on the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (6102932751) lamp assembly. Make sure the screws have been tightened properly or the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector will not turn on.
  • Replace the Lamp Cover and tighten the screw. Re-connect the power cord and turn on the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector. If the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (6102932751) lamp does not turn on after the warm-up period, try re-installing the lamp.
  • Reset the Lamp Replace Counter following the instructions below.

NOTE: Your old  Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) lamp should be properly recycled. These lamps contain mercury and can’t be placed into common garbage.

STEP THREE: Reset the Sanyo PLC-XU31 Lamp Replace Counter

The Lamp Replace Counter for the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 will track the correct age of your newly installed lamp and trigger the Lamp Replacement Indicator. Failure to reset the counter may result in the projector not tracking the end of life for the  Sanyo POA-LMP35 (6102932751) and letting the projector inadvertently use the lamp past its normal life cycle. Your Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 may stop working suddenly if the Lamp Replace Counter has not been properly set. Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 lamp reset screen, Sanyo POA-LMP35 service part no 6102932751

  • Press the MENU Button to display the MAIN MENU. Press the POINT LEFT/RIGHT button and scroll right to select SETTING.
  • Press the SELECT button to display the SETTING DISPLAY menu.
  • Press the POINT DOWN button (a red arrow will appear).
  • Move the red arrow to the LAMP AGE and then press the SELECT button.
  • The message “Lamp replace counter reset?”  appears. Move the arrow down to YES and press the SELECT button.
  • Move the arrow to QUIT and press the SELECT button.

3 tips for extending the life of the Sanyo POA-LMP35 projector lamp

Extend the life of your newly installed  Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) by following these helpful tips:

  • Wait at least five minutes before turning the  Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector off.
  • Don’t operate the projector continuously without letting it stand for at least one hour turned off every 24 hours.
  • Cleaning the air filter regularly will also prolong the life of the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 6102932751) and prevent the Sanyo PLC-XU32/PLC-XU37 projector from overheating.

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