Ignition and connections in authentic projector lamps

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counterfeitAuthentic projector lamps keep your projector working

Installing authentic projector lamps means better performance, better lighting and better viewing.
Ignition and connections are crucial parts for making sure your newly installed projector lamp is working at its optimum level.
Other important considerations include arc distance, wattage, reflector size as well as glass, air gaps and coatings

Ignition voltage

Ignition Voltage-counterfeit awarenessProjector lamps operate with a lamp driver with a 5kV ignition voltage. Lamps with metal antenna in the ignition chamber are 5kV lamps. Some lamps have their antenna in the front while others have the antenna in the rear. Some projectors need high ignition voltage of 20kV so have no antenna. Generic manufacturers often don’t have the specs needed to create the proper antenna for each projector lamp and instead create lamps that faulty antenna that short circuits in the projector.

Connection methods

Connection methods

Every projector lamp must connect to its projectors by cables or wires. Each projector has its own particular connection method. Generic lamps have substitute connection cables and wires results in ill-fitting lamps that can’t ignite but can easily short circuit causing  melting and burning inside the projector.

 Lamp driver combinations

Lamp driver combinationsProjector lamps also work with the projector driver to bring the image to the screen. The combination of lamp and driver is unique to each projector model. Only authentic manufacturers know the specifications for each particular brands and how to use those specification to create OEM lamps. Generic lamps can never have the correct combination and installing them creates unbalanced electrical power with danger of explosions.

Correct shape

Correct shape authentic projector lampsAlmost all projector lamps have the same outer shape but the inner shape is dependent on the projector model.  Most generics don’t have the correct specifications to create the correct inner shape. It creates a lamp with uneven light output distribution.

Knowledge is power

Learn more about authentic projector lamps so you can avoid counterfeits:

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