Install a replacement Smartboard 480iv projector lamp

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SmartBoard 480iv_projector

Replace the Smartboard 480iv projector lamp using this guide

When the projected image gets darker or starts to deteriorate then it’s time to replace the Smartboard 480iv projector lamp.

Go with authentic

An authentic projector lamp makes all the difference in keeping your Smartboard 480iv projector working. If the price is too good to true, then you should avoid the lamp. Bargain basement prices mean problems down the road. Scroll down for the 6 reasons to avoid counterfeit lamps.
The Smartboard 480iv projector lamp using the SmartBoard 20-01500-20 Replacement Projector Lamp.
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SpArc Platinum for SmartBoard 20-01500-20 Projector Replacement Lamp with Housing

Important Safety tips BEFORE replacing the projector lamp:

  1. Press the Power button twice on the remote control to put the system into Standby mode.
  2. Wait at least 45 minutes for the projector to cool down completely, and then disconnect the power cable from the power outlet.
  3. Disconnect all cables from the projector.

Step 1: Remove the projector from the boom

SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20Using the screwdriver, remove the screw from the boom end cap, and then remove and set aside the boom end cap and screw.
Loosen the locking screw and the knob on the projector mounting plate.
SmartBoard_480iv_replace_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20-

SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_mountSlide the projector mounting plate and projector off of the boom.
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_coverSmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_remove_coverUsing the M3 hex wrench, remove the three screws connecting the projector mounting plate to the projector, and then set aside the projector mounting plate and screws.
Turn over the projector so that the outer lamp cover is visible.

To removing the projector lamp module

SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_cover-takeoffUsing the screwdriver, remove the two screws from the lamp cover.

Remove the lamp cover, and then set it and the two screws aside in a safe place.SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20-remove-lamp
Put the old lamp module in a secure container and handle it gently until you recycle or dispose.
NOTE: The SmartBoard 20-01500-20 Replacement Projector Lamp contains mercury and should properly recycled and NEVER thrown into regular garbage.

Inserting the new lamp

SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_install_new
Remove the SmartBoard 20-01500-20 replacement lamp module from its packaging.
Lower the replacement lamp module into the slot, aligning it with the holes in the slot.
Using the screwdriver, tighten the screw on the lamp module.
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_lamp_cover_back_onPlace the lamp protection film that came with the new lamp module over the slot.
Replace the outer lamp cover, and then replace the screws holding the cover to the projector.
To place the projector on the boom
Turn over the projector. Replace the projector mounting plate on the projector.
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_replace_mounting
Slide the projector mounting plate and projector onto the boom.  Tighten the knob and the locking screw.
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_tightne-knob
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard 20-01500-20_projector_on_mount
SmartBoard_480iv_projector_lamp_SmartBoard _20-01500-20_Boom_capReplace the boom end cap. Connect the cables to the projector. Connect the power cable to a power outlet.
Press the Power button once on the remote control to confirm that the projector is operating and that the lamp module is correctly installed, and then wait for the projector to turn on completely.
Wait five minutes for the projector to warm up.

Resetting the projector lamp timer

Your Smartboard 480iv projector has a built in lamp timer that tracks the life of the SmartBoard 20-01500-20 projector lamp. Whenever you change the lamp you need to reset the lamp timer back to zero. To reset the timer:

  • Down, Up, Up, Left, Up.
  • Scroll down to the Lamp Hour Reset field, and then press OK.
    Both Lamp Hour values (Standard and Economy) are reset to zero.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote control.
    The SMART V25 Settings menu appears.
  • Select to confirm that Lamp Hours is reset to zero.
    CAUTION:  Do not use the Lamp Hour Reset feature unless you have just replaced the lamp. Resetting
    the lamp hour counter on an old lamp can damage your projector due to lamp failure. Do not adjust any settings in the service menu other than those listed in this guide. Changing other settings can damage or affect the operation of your projector and invalidates your warranty. You’re unable to reset the Display Hour value because it’s the running total of hours the projector has been in use.

6 reasons to avoid counterfeits:

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