Philips 120W 1.3 UHP Lamp – OSRAM P-VIP 120 1.3 E23h

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Do you have a projection TV with a bad lamp? Is the lamp inside your TV a Philips or Osram 100W, 100W/120W, or a 120W lamp? Does it say 1.3 just after the wattage? If so, click here for the lowest price on an original replacement from
If you have an OSRAM lamp in your TV, we highly recommend replacing that lamp with a Philips. It’s no secret Philips is the innovator of Ultra High Performance (UHP) mercury vapor lamps (created in 1995). The quality and dependability of Philips lamps are much greater than Osram, or any of the generic brands out there (LTI, APO, etc.. ) The combination of better “burners” and more advanced drivers (the ballasts) are a few reasons why Philips lamps outlast the competition.
In any case, if your lamp is a 100W, 100/120W, or 120W and looks like the lamps in the pictures below, we recommend purchasing this lamp from Post questions and concerns below!

Philips120W 1.3 UHP lamp

Philips lamp stamped with date code, and made in Belgium

Overview of Philips UHP E23h lamp


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