RCA HD50LPW175 whacky colors — Is it the color wheel?

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I’ve owned my RCA HD50LPW175 for just over a year now. Kicking myself for not buying any extended warranty. A few weeks ago the DLP lamp blew. We replaced it within one week for $180, so it was not TOO bad.
Last night we turned the TV on and there’s a beeping sound on startup. There’s a picture, but it flickers and the color is “off” — images almost look like you are watching through night vision goggles. Usually when you turn this unit off it goes to a bright blue screen which fades to black after several seconds. Now there appears to be no blue (picture is mostly green and pink) and when you turn it off it cycles through a bunch of colors (no blue) before going black.
Could this be the color wheel that has busted? Is this something that someone such as myself — no expert, but handy at fixing things — might try replacing?
Thanks in advance for all input! Gus

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