Samsung HL-R4266W DLP HDTV

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The Samsung HL-R4266W is a 42” HD ready set. It is very beautifully designed and very much worth the price. The set is just 13” deep and weighs somewhere around 62 pounds. The set is also cable ready. It allows a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The two stereo speakers are mounted on the set give excellent audio output.


The set offers amazingly bright picture, rich and deep colors. DLP technology used in the set also produces no screen aging, burn-in or color shifting. Samsung’s Cinema Smooth makes the images smooth and vivid. The Samsung HL-R4266W also offers picture in picture mode as well as five preset aspect ratio modes which are Normal, Wide, Panorama, Zoom1, Zoom2. The set is extremely good, setup is easy and the price is good for the quality which is being given. The cabinet is extremely modest which makes it look even better.


The contrast ratio of the set too is very good at 2500:1. The Samsung HL-R4266W though has its drawbacks. It displays all signals at 720p while most people now would not look for anything less than 1080p which does come at a higher price. Priced at somewhere around 1800$ the HL-R4266W is a very good buy as far as the price-quality ratio is concerned. The set also packs in most of the required features.


The biggest disappointment though is the users manual. It takes it for granted that the user has all the knowledge of the features in a HDTV and forgets to describe any of them. Although it is not such a bad thing to have only the manual as an underperformer.

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