Samsung HL-S4266W 42" HDTV DLP TV

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The Samsung HL-S4266W 42″ HDTV DLP TV is compact and light in weight. The design is of superior quality. Maximum resolution is 1280 X 720. The picture is lifelike, sharp. The stunning color, contrast and clarity of the Samsung HL-S4266W is astonishing. The superior speed of the DLP chip used in the set, makes it ideal for gaming, watching sports and video.The Samsung HL-S4266W provides a display of 42” diagonal with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is relatively very light in weight and is just 13” in depth. This flatness of the set is a very useful feature in places where space is a constraint. The DLP chip used is faster than any HDTV technology can be combined with Samsung’s Cinema Smooth giving deeper, richer colors and smoother images making it more realistic.
Samsung’s Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIe) sharpens and clears the image as much as possible irrespective of the source signal. Samsung’s Cinema Smooth function makes viewing DVD’s much better by giving a clearer picture. Cinema Mode Color Adjustments adjust the colors by matching them closely with production standards. This gives more accurate colors and original skin tones in movies. The colors can also be adjusted to suit the way you want them by using My Color Control.
Game Mode can be used to enhance dark areas, sharpen and speed up the image processing and also enhance the sounds.. The viewing can be adjusted by using 4 preset modes: normal, wide, zoom 1, zoom 2 which enlarge the image without making it look unnatural.

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