Samsung HL-S5679W DLP HDTV

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The Samsung HL-S5679W has three light emitting diodes mounted on one chip instead of the ultra high pressure lamp it had earlier. These LED’s are far cooler hence cool down time is less. Also the time required for on and off is a lot lesser. These LED’s are said to last the life of the TV hence no replacement is required. The accuracy of the color points is remarkable. Though red color is a little saturated, blue and green colors are perfect.

The Samsung HL-S5679W is very esthetically designed. The glossy black finish is easy on the eye as well as stylish. The remote design is much better but reading the functions of all the really small buttons is a tedious task. Make sure that the centre of the screen should be at eye level when sitting on the couch. Even a slight change in the level results in decrease in light level. The effect on brightness would be slightly lesser for horizontal level.

The black levels are very high. The Samsung HL-S5679W like most other HDTV’s offers very less contrast. A feature that changes the black levels and the light output would be a good addition. The cost of the Samsung HL-S5679W is something to consider as it is already more expensive than any other TV of its size. The detail levels which can be obtained are very admirable. The noise reduction is also one feature that is worth mentioning. Overall the Samsung HL-S5679W offers really high quality viewing.

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