Replacement projector lamp for ImagePro Dukane 8063

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FollowDukane_ImagePro_8063_replacement_projector_lamp this guide when it’s time for a new Dukane ImagePro 8063 projector lamp.

Warning sign

You can expect up to 2000 hours of use with your Dukane ImagePro 8063 projector lamp. When end of life is approaching, the CHANGE THE LAMP message will appear on screen. Don’t keep using the lamp after seeing this sign or you run the risk of pushing the lamp beyond it’s recommended usage and possibly causing it to explode. Read about what to do if this has happened.

Use authentic to reduce stress

There are so many choices on the Internet for a Dukane ImagePro 8063 replacement projector lamp. Do yourself a favor and go with authentic. That means avoiding the lamps with the cheap price tag. Low priced lamps are usully counterfeit and since you get what you pay for, you’re buying a whole lot of trouble.
Six reasons to avoid counterfeits:

Find this lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

Replacing the projector lamp

The Dukane 8063 projector uses the Dukane 8063 projector lamp. Before installing a new projector lamp do the following safety steps:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes. It should be cool to the touch.
  • Dukane_ImagePro_8063_replacement_projector_lamp_cover_removeProtect the Dukane ImagePro 8063 projector’s top surface by placing it face down on a soft surface. Turn the projector over and loosen the screws on the lamp cover.
  • If the projector is mounted on the ceiling, be sure to check that the lamp has not exploded inside. Turn the projector over so the bottom is facing up.
  • Unhook the claws on the lamp cover using a screwdriver. Slide the lamp cover off and put it to one side.


  • Dukane_ImagePro_8063_replacement_projector_lamp_remove_screwsLoosen the two screws holding the Dukane 8063 projector lamp in place.
  • Slowly lift out the lamp using the side handles. NOTE: Be sure to recycle the Dukane 8063 projector lamp as contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage.
  • Insert the new lamp, tightening the two screws.
  • Interlock the two tabs on the cover to the projector. Position the lamp cover on the projector
  • Dukane_ImagePro_8063_install_replacement_projector_lampPush the center point of the two claws to fix the lamp cover back onto the projector.
  • Slowly turn the projector so that the top is facing up.
  • Turn the projector on, and reset the lamp timer

To reset the lamp timer

  • Dukane_ImagePro_8063_reset_projector_lamp_timerPress the MENU button on the remote control or one of the cursor buttons on the projector.
  • Scroll down to OPTIONS. Press Enter to choose.
  • Use the arrow key to move to the right hand menu.
  • Scroll down to choose LAMP TIME.
  • Use the up arrow button to select RESET.
  • The lamp hours will be reset to zero.

Extend the life of the Dukane 8063 projector lamp:

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