Replacement Sony KDF 55E2010 TV lamp

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Sony_KDF-55E2010_RPTV_Sony_XL-2400_projector_lampHere’s how to replace Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV lamp.

Authentic lamps are critical!

Don’t settle for anything but the best for your Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV. Always install an authentic Sony KDF 55E2010 TV lamp. When buying look for the seal of approval — don’t get caught with a copycat generic projector lamp! Learn to spot lamps posing as authentic lamps.
6 reasons to avoid generic projector lamps:

The Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV uses the Sony XL-2400  projection lamp.

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When to replace?

The Sony KDF-55E2010 projector lamp should last up to 8,000 hours depending on how much you use the TV. When the lamp is reaching end of life, you will see a message on screen reminding you to replace it and the Lamp indicator on the TV will start flashing. Other end of life signs may also include darker images on screen and colors that look off. You may hear a noticeable popping and this is normal. When it’s time to replace the lamp, the screen may dim and the color balance of the picture goes off. Replace the projection lamp immediately.

To replace the LCD projection lamp

Perform there safety steps before installing the new lamp:

  • Turn off the power on the main unit.
  • The cooling fan will continue to operate for two minutes after the power is turned off.
  • Wait several minutes before unplugging the power cord.
  • Wait an additional 30 minutes to allow the lamp to cool down. The lamp operates under extreme so avoid touching it before changing the lamp.

Sony_KDF-55E2010_LCD_Sony_XL-2400_replace_projection_lampTake the new Sony XL-2400 projection lamp out of the box. Don’t shake the lamp as vibrations can damage the lamp. Avoiding touching the glass portion on the lamp as the oil from your fingers can burn black marks on the lamp.
Sony_KDF-55E2010_LCD_Sony_XL-2400_projector_lamp_open_doorRemove the outside Sony XL-2400 projection lamp cover. Turn the knob counterclockwise to open. Pull out the cover.
Pull out the Sony XL-2400 projection lamp by first hooking a finger through the loop of the lamp handle and pulling the handle upwards. Then pull the Sony XL-2400 lamp straight out.
Sony_KDF-55E2010_LCD_Sony_XL-2400_projection_lampPut the new Sony XL-2400 projection lamp into its place. Mount the new lamp securely or the self-diagnostic function will be triggered. A lose lamp can also cause the screen to go dark.
Reattach the Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV lamp door. Turn the knob back to CLOSE and secure the cover

Green your Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV

If you interested in going green with your Sony KDF-55E2010 LCD TV, you can replace only the projection bulb and re-used the plastic casing. This can save your money plus help reduce waste by recycling. Watch our training video to learn more.

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