Installing a new projector lamp for Sanyo PLC-XW20

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Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector, Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210)

Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector

One of the most important components in your Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector is the projector lamp. It’s primary role is to provide the right amount of light needed to transfer the images from the projector onto the screen. When the projector bulb goes, your Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector is not going to work.
Fortunately the projector bulb is one of the easiest components to replace. You’ll know when your projector lamp is nearing its end of life–the Lamp Indicator on the projector’s front control panel will start blinking yellow. That’s your clue to replace the projector lamp with a new Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210).
Follow our hassle-free instructions below to get your projector back up an running in under 10 minutes. Be sure to read our instructions on finding the correct Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) for your Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector before replacing the existing projector bulb.

Go with original Sanyo POA-LMP36 lamps

Sanyo POA-LMP36, Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) You’ll notice right away there are hundreds of websites selling your replacement Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) projector lamp. It can be overwhelming trying to pick the right manufacturer. Let price be your first clue — cheaper priced projector lamps are usually generic knock-offs. While the lower price is tempting, keep in mind these lamps are usually made with cheaper parts that don’t have the original specifications for your Sanyo PLC-XW20 and these counterfeit lamps have not been calibrated to work with the high-tech mechanism in your projector.
Knock-off lamps often have a shorter life-span and can explode inside the projector causing significant damage to your projector when they overheat, break the ballast or explode inside. Learn more about how to protect yourself in our article: 7 Tips for spotting counterfeits.
Look for the company offering OEM genuine lamps with a hassle free warranty. These authentic Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) projector lamps will be slightly higher in price but are guaranteed to keep your projector working.

Sanyo_Lamp_Video_ReplacementLooking for a less expensive option? Are you technically adept?  Watch our step-by-step video on replacing only the Sanyo POA-LMP36 (610 293 8210) bulb instead of the entire lamp housing.

Quick installation for the Sanyo POA-LMP36 projector lamp

Follow these six steps to a new Sanyo POA-LMP36 (610 293 8210) and a workingSanyo PLC-XW20 projector!Sanyo PLC-XW20 lamp cover, Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210)

1. Turn the projector off. Disconnect the AC cord. Allow the Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector to cool down for at least 45 minutes. The inside of the projector gets extremely hot — don’t attempt to change the lamp with the projector running or you will burn yourself badly.
2. The lamp cover is on the bottom. Turn the projector over and remove the single screw holding the cover in place. Put the lamp cover to one side.
3. Remove the two screws holding the lamp assembly in place. Grab the handle and pull out the used Sanyo POA-LMP36 (610 293 8210) projector lamp. Be sure to send the lamp to your local recycling program.
Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector lamp assembly, Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) 4. Take the new Sanyo POA-LMP36 (6102938210) by the handle. Avoid touching the actual bulb since any fingerprints leave a black mark on the lamp when it heats up and give you black spots on your images. Using the handle, gently push the lamp into place.
5. Tighten the two screws on the Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) lamp assembly. Put the lamp cover back in place and tighten the single screw.
6. Re-connect the AC cord. Reset the Lamp Replace Counter following the step-by-step instructions below.

Resetting the Sanyo PLC-XW20 Lamp Replace Counter

NOTE: Reset the Lamp Replace Counter ONLY WHEN the Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) lamp has been REPLACED.
Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector lamp replacement screen, Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210)

  • Press the MENU Button to display the MAIN MENU.
  • Press the POINT LEFT/RIGHT button and scroll right to select SETTING.
  • Press the SELECT button to display the SETTING DISPLAY menu.
  • Press the POINT DOWN button (a red arrow will appear).
  • Move the red arrow to the LAMP AGE and then press the SELECT button.
  • The message “Lamp replace counter reset?”  appears. Move the arrow down to YES and press the SELECT button.
  • The message “OK?” appears. Click on YES.
  • Move the arrow to QUIT and press the SELECT button.

In order for the projector to properly track the life cycle of your Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) projector lamp you’ll need to reset the Lamp Replace Counter. Once reset it will properly track the correct age of your newly installed Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) projector bulb and trigger the Lamp Indicator on your Sanyo PLC-SW20 projector.

Prolong the life of your Sanyo POA-LMP36 lamp

Follow these easy tips to make your Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) last longer!

  • Wait at least five minutes before turning the Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector off.
  • Don’t operate the projector continuously without letting it stand for at least one hour turned off every 24 hours.
  • Cleaning the air filter regularly will also prolong the life of the Sanyo POA-LMP36 (service part no 610 293 8210) and prevent the Sanyo PLC-XW20 projector from overheating.

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