Tips For Buying a Gaming Projector

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  • Shelagh M.
  • 4 years ago

Video gaming is now a mix of data and video where you need clear text alongside sharp visuals. Projector technology has progressed making it possible to build a home entertainment center but your needs are going to be a bit different. Here’s what to look for in a gaming projector:

  • Refresh Rate: When gaming you want a crisp, seamless image. The faster the refresh rate the shorter the lag time getting the image on screen. A refresh rate of 120hz is good.  The highest refresh rate is 480hz.
  • Brightness: When it comes to gaming brighter is always better so investing in a more lumens can be a smart choice in the long run. Video games always look better with at least 350 ANSI lumens on a 16:9 screen. Rooms with average ambient light will need projectors with 1500 lumens or brighter.
  • Contrast Ratios: Most video games include a high dynamic range – which is needed for those dramatic moments in a game. Pay close attention to the contrast ratio in the projector. A passable contrast is 5,000 to one, a  mid-range is 4,000 to one and the absolute is 100,000 to one.
  • Throw Distance: refers to for away from the wall your projector is designed to be placed. Short throws are the most common for gaming since they are created for presentations.
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