Change the NEC NP62 projector lamp

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NEC_NP62_projectorHow to change the NEC NP62 projector lamp

Buy authentic!

The first thing to do is buy an OEM replacement NEC NP62 projector lamp. Your NEC NP62 projector uses the  projector lamp. Avoid the cheaper generic lamps with their shorter lamp life and toxic materials. They are prone to explosions and often damage the sensitive electronics in your NEC NP62 projector.
Note: These instructions can also be used with the NEC NP61 projector

When to replace

It’s time to replace the NEC NP62 projector when the following signs appear:

  • After your lamp has been operating for 2500hours (up to 3500 hours in ECO mode) the LAMP indicator will blink red.
  • colour looks off
  • picture is faint or has deteriorated

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Changing the NEC NP62 projector lamp

NOTE: You must change the cooling pump when you change the projector lamp
Follow these important safety instructions before installing the new NEC NP09L projector lamp

  • turn off the NEC NP62 projector.
  • unplug the projector from its power source.
  • unplug the power cable.
  • wait until the projector is cool to the touch to avoid getting burned.

Place the projector on a soft cloth and turn it over to access the lamp cover on the bottom.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_remove_lamp_coverLoosen the screw holding the lamp cover in place. The screw is freewheeling so will not come out of the cover.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_loosen_lamp_screwsLoosen the two screws holding the NEC NP09L projector lamp in place. These screws are also freewheeling so will not come out of the lamp. Lift up the wire handle and use it to gently plug the lamp out of the projector.
NOTE: Your NEC NP09L projector lamp projector lamp should be properly recycled because it contains mercury.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_interlock_solution
If after removing the lamp the black packing ring is stuck inside the projector manually remove it from the
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_insert_new_lampInsert the new lamp taking care to line it up properly making sure it clicks into the socket. Tighten the two screws on the lamp.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_reattach_lamp_coverReattach the lamp cover and tighten the screw to hold it in place.
You must also replace the cooling pump!

Replacing the cooling pump

NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_remove_cooling_pump_screwLoosen the screw holding the cooling pump into place. This is also a freewheeling screw that will not come out.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_remove_connectorRemove the cooling pump cover.  Inside the projector, small contact area of the connector should be kept clean of dust or debris. Clean it manually is there is anything blocking the area.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_new_pumpAlign the tabs on the cooling pump cover with the guide on the inside of the projector cabinet.
NEC NP62_projector_lamp_ NEC NP09LP_cool_pump_cover_screwTighten the screw on the cooling pump. You can now reset the lamp timer.

Reset the lamp timer

Once the NEC NP09L projector lamp has been replace you need to reset the lamp timer for the NEC NP62 projector since you want it to accurately track the lamp life.

Clear usage hours and reset hours

  • Plug in the power cored into the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the projector.
  • From the MENU select RESET.
  • A confirmation message appears.
  • Select YES.

Learn more tips to extend the life of the NEC NP62 projector lamp.


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