The Frame Blowout

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  • Eddie P.
  • 4 years ago

Looks like the high tech wall art/television hybrid “The Frame” by Samsung is getting the firesale treatment post-holiday by the retail giant Amazon. The Frame, which pictures itself (pun intended) to be a high-end art frame displaying art while the TV is off, and gorgeous 4K UHD while it’s… a TV.

We’ve seen these since 2017 and to say they’re an art accent piece is really a stretch, but the 2160P QLED is no joke. They were going for about $2,000+, but now you can pick up the 2019 models for under $1,600 for the 65″ model. The 43″ go for just under $800. It’s clear these are going to keep going down in price, however, the 2020 models are just around the corner, and CES had quite a few new offerings for home television displays.

FYI The different bezels run about $250 each, so if you’re into it, it’ll cost you an additional upcharge to style it for your home.

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