Replacing the BenQ W2000 projector lamp

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BenQ W2000 projector, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001When it’s time to replace the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 in the BenQ W2000 projector you will see the Lamp Indicator flashing red. Warning messages will also begin appearing on screen.

Warning messages

You’ll be given plenty of time to replace the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 projector lamp. Don’t leave replacing the lamp to the last minute or you may have a projector that will not turn on.
BenQ W2000 first warning, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001First warning:
The lamp has been in operation for 2000 hours. Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the projector is normally run with Whisper selectedyou may continue to operate the projector until the 2950 hour lamp warning appears. Press ENTER to dismiss the message.
BenQ W200 lamp warning first, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001Second warning:
The lamp has been in operation for 2980 hours. You may notice lamp brightness is diminishing. It should be replaced immediately. Press ENTER to dismiss the message.
BenQ W2000 final warning, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001Final warning: The lamp has been in operation for 3000 hours. The lamp MUST be replaced before the projector will operate normally. Press ENTER to dismiss the message.
Install an authenticBenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp to keep your BenQ W2000 projector working properly and get the best picture quality. 
BenQ W2000 lamp info screen, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001You can also find BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp hour information from the main Menu:
1. Press MENU and then press arrow key until the Advanced Setup menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight Lamp and press ENTER. The Lamp page displays.
3. Highlight Lamp Hours and press ENTER to display the Lamp Hours information page.
4. To leave the menu, press MENU.


Finding the correct lamp

It can be confusing finding the correct BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp. There are hundreds of website selling projector lamps but most of there lamps are knock-off generic lamps that you should avoid at all costs. 
Generic “compatible” lamps  may appear to be a bargain–however generic knock-off lamps are actually not that great a bargain. These so-called “compatible” lamps are prone to explosion and have been created using toxic substances such as Krypton-85.
Copy-cat manufacturers simply don’t have the parts or the know-how to create a proper projector lamp and using one of these counterfeit lamp gives poor illumination, a shorter lamp life and the possibility of causing permanent damaged to the sensitive electronic components in your BenQ W2000 projector.
Is it worth voiding your warranty and not having any technical support for a few extra dollars? Go with an authentic BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 OEM lamp sold by a dependable seller and keep your BenQ W2000  projector working.  Learn the 7 Ways to spot a counterfeit lamp.

Replacing the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp

NOTE: These instructions also apply to the BenQ W5000  projector as well.

Before changing the lamp:
BenQ W2000 lamp screw, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the BenQ W2000 projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes.
  • The lamp cover is found on the side of the BenQ W2000 projector. Lift the projector up slightly to access the screw to the lamp cover.
  • Loosen the screw holding the lamp cover in place. (Use a magnetic screwdriver to make the whole process easier.)

BenQ W2000 remove lamp cover, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001

  • Grab the  lamp cover on the top and bottom. Gently remove it from the BenQ W2000 projector and place to one side. Don’t lose the screw!

BenQ W2000 remove lamp screwsw, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001

BenQ W2000 lamp out, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001

  • Grab the side indentations on the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp and slowly pull it out of the projector. Never force the lamp out of the projecto; pulling too quickly can cause the bulb to shatter. Learn what to do should the bulb shatter.
  • Avoid touching the optical components inside the projector as this can leave marks on the lenses causing image distortion and unwanted color changes.

BenQ W2000 lamp cover back on, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001

  • Re-install the BenQ W2000 lamp cover and tighten the screw.
  • Reset the  lamp timer. (See below for instructions.)

NOTE: The  BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps! If you bought from an authentic manufacturer they will recycle the lamp for you at no extra cost (another reason to buy authentic lamps).

Resetting the lamp timer

BenQ W2000 reset lamp timer, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001
Do not reset the BenQ W2000 lamp timer if the lamp has not been replaced as this could cause damage.
1. After the startup logo, press MENU and then press arrow buttons until the Advanced Setup menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight Lamp and press ENTER. The Lamp page displays.
3. Highlight Reset Lamp Timer and press ENTER.
BenQ W2000 lamp reset warning, BenQ 5J.05Q01.001
A warning message will display asking if you want to reset the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp timer. Highlight Reset and press ENTER. The lamp time will be reset to ‘0’.

Extend the life of the BenQ 5J.05Q01.001 lamp:

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Setting Lamp Power to Whisper mode. Using Whisper mode reduces system noise and power consumption. It also extends the lamp life.  To set Whisper mode, go into the Advanced Setup > Lamp > Lamp Power menu.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life


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