Samsung HLS5086W 50” DLP TV

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Samsung provides the user an extensive variety of alternatives and costs to best match his own needs and money. The Samsung HLS5086W is a rear projection TV and one of the best technologies that Samsung has to offer at present. It is a 50″ screen unit in the thin edge fashion cabinet providing an amazing HDTV experience. Samsung HLS5086W gives the resolution of 1280x720p and a contrast ratio of 2,500:1 similar to Samsung’s HLS5066W. The weight of the set is quite less and makes it easy to move the set around. The design of this TV is quite simple and effective and helps the customer make the alterations quickly. The overall performance of Samsung HLS5086W is quite impressive.

The two major areas like reduction in highest resolution and substantial drop in contrast ratio have led to the cost cutting. The connectivity options provided in Samsung HLS5086W 50” DLP TV are Composite video/audio input (1 set), USB (1 set), HDMI (1 set), VGA input (1 set), S-Video input (2 set). The dimensions of Samsung HLS5086W is width 45.3”, height 32.3” and depth 15.6” with the additional features of On-screen menu, Channel labeling, JPEG photo playback, Clock, V-Chip, MP3 playback, Automatic blue screen, Video noise reduction and DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine).

Samsung HLS5086W provide various display menu language like French, English, Spanish and supports devices like VCR, Cable box, DVD player. HLS5086W has in build hidden speaker and integrated CableCard slot with the DLP chip faster than any HDTV technology.

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