Samsung HLS4266W

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Introducing the Samsung HLS4266W 42” HDTV television full of amazing and useful features. The Samsung HLS4266W uses a DLP projector technology. It is very sleek and stylish with thin black borders. It has an amazing display resolution of 1280*720 pixels.

It has the latest DLP technology and has an awesome picture quality. It also has 2 HDMI inputs and also 1 optical output. Inspite of so many features its still very light weight. Samsung HLS4266W has an excellent blend of technology and style. What more can you ask for? Wait don’t rush to buy here are some more features

Well, for all you gamers out there Samsung HLS4266W will be a perfect choice as it provides a great gaming experience when playing the XBOX 360. The setup of this television is also very flexible and very easy. Also there is a provision of plug in (USB) flash drive. There are many types of options available for adjusting the size of the picture according your taste.

Samsung HLS4266W has a display format of 720p and it comes with a 5 segments Color wheel. It has an image contrast of 2500:1. It has 3D digital Comb filter which helps to add a live effect to the pictures.

That’s not all Samsung HLS4266W also has a V-chip controller as well as a Color Temperature Control. It also has additional features like support for MP3 playback, Auto power off option. It also has a JPEG photo playback which allows you to project your photos on your T.V.  Well, in all the Samsung HLS4266W is a simply great.   

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